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I really enjoy Instagram. Like, a lot. I check it multiple times a day and I’ve noticed that it helps me see the world a little differently, searching for beauty. I love keeping up with friends and family on it as well, many of my favorite accounts belong to people I know. We even used an Instagram hashtag for our wedding and I’m planning to make a book with all the pictures. Chatbooks will also make super adorable books from your snaps for only $6 (get your first one free with code: NQUJLC6T). 
I’ve found it really interesting to see how brands have started integrating Instagram into their social media presence. I actually don’t think many brands are doing this very well – it usually feels so “curated” and scripted. As I scrolled through my “following” list, I realized I really don’t follow many brands at all. I did finally settled on a few favorites to include as part of another #BlogLinkUp with The Well, mostly because they are unique and bring something different to the Instagram space. 

Ok so here is a brand that I believe is doing Instagram right. Their content is exciting to me because they often share content written, photographed, or curated by someone outside the company. That is so fun! I love that I can get connected to other green beauty fans and bloggers by following their feed. Their label is adorable as well so I always love looking at it.
First of all, Charmaine is amazing and her calligraphy work is so on point. She did a few items for me for my wedding (bridesmaid cards, a custom stamp, and place cards!) and she is a gem to work with. When I started teaching myself calligraphy, I was so bummed that I couldn’t take her class in NYC. I love following her feed because her images give me so much inspiration. If you’re interested, you can purchase her digital class on Etsy for a whopping $15!
I can’t remember how I stumbled upon this feed (was it from Reese Witherspoon??) but it’s stunning. While the images are technically “re-grammed” it makes for a really neat curated feed of these amazing floors all over the world. Maybe some day I’ll stumbled across a cool floor and I’ll have my 15 minutes of fame on this feed. Wanna be featured? Tag your photo with the hashtag: #ihavethisthingwithfloors
Looking for some more lovely to add to your Instagram feed? Check out some of these bloggers favorites Instagrams!


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