best buy of 2014

I’m really excited about being a part of this new linkup series being hosted by The Well. This month’s prompt: What did you purchase in the past year that became invaluable to you? Something that makes you think “how did I live without this?!?”

It’s a little bit crazy how long I’ve been thinking about this question…at least a week. I realized that there are only a handful of things that I just can’t live without, many of the being things that were gifted to me or have some sort of sentimental value. Every time I thought of a new item I’d realize how silly it seemed that this pair of shoes was “invaluable”. Serious consideration finally led me to the lamp you see below. In fact, once I’d settled on the lamp, it seemed like such an obvious choice!
It make seem a little nuts to consider this lamp to be invaluable but to me it really is. I found this lamp at a local antique mall when we were looking for a bar cart. There had been this empty space in our apartment where we needed a floor lamp but everything I’d seen online look so…strange. The only light in our living room was coming from a glaring overhead light in the ceiling. I was amazed that the lamp still worked and thought it was so charming, especially since it’s made from an old wooden camera tripod. However, since purchasing a lamp wasn’t originally in the plans for the day, we purchased the bar cart and promptly left. 
Several weeks later, I started noticing tripod lamps EVERYWHERE (isn’t it so weird how this happens…like you never notice a particular type of car until you’re considering buying that make/model???). Anyway, said lamps were stunning but also came with a hefty price tag, upwards of $400-$600. Seeing as how that’s not in the non-profit/grad school budget, I brought up the lamp from the antique store. 
Figuring it had already been scooped up, we were amazed to find it still in it’s place many weeks later at the store. A few negotiations later and this bad boy was ours for a whopping $100. (Shade was $20 from Target). I love this lamp now and I love that it has a story to it. It’s such a fun piece that we’ll have for years to come. We even subbed it in as our tree this year! 


8 thoughts on “best buy of 2014”

  1. I love the lamp! Seriously what a find. Over the Holidays, my father-in-law was looking at a tripod lamp from Restoration Hardware at like $800! That's insane! I'll have to tell him to start frequenting their thrift and antique stores. Maybe he'll be just as lucky!
    xo, Jenn @ Jenn Inspired


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