austin eats | part 2

The wait is over, part two is here! Did you get a chance to check out part one?

We stuffed ourselves to the brim at Olivia after a recommendation from a trusted friend. Classic, yummy brunch food with a twist. I mean, do you see those eggs? They were served over the most delicious french fries! And yes, we did order pancakes as well. But our eyes were bigger than our stomachs.

A HUGE thank you to Erica and Tyler for picking out this place and for our sweet wedding gift to eat here! Olive & June is so cute with adorable outdoor seating and a great dining room. The food was great right down to the drinks. We had a lovely date night and even ended up trying another restaurant owned by the same group, The Backspace, the following night.
Two words. Butter coffee. Yes. I’ve mentioned it on this blog before but this place makes it and dang, it’s good! The idea is that the healthy fats from the butter, MCT oil (or coconut oil) blended with coffee make a well balanced breakfast. It’s Paleo inspired and they serve a variety of meals that are also Paleo. It’s such a fun place to grab a coffee and start your day!

Do I really need to say anything about this place? Meat. BBQ. Meat. Beer. Meat. Texas. ‘Nuff said.


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