book review // the smartest kids in the world (and how they got that way)

Now that I’m fully immersed in the education world, I’ve become super interested in all the latest education-related books. I started hearing a lot about this book around the office and knew it would be my next read. 
Amanda follows three American students who go on an exchange program in 3 different countries: Finland, South Korea, and Poland. Finland is currently ranks #1 in student achievement, followed closely by Poland and South Korea – all for different reason, however. This was not your average stats and figures type of book. The author does a great job actually telling a story and helping us to understand why these countries are succeeding and what’s holding the United States back. I found the book easy to read and engaging. I wanted to know what these countries were doing that we were not. 
It’s easy to finish this book and feel discouraged. But I also felt energized for what was possible for kids in the US. These countries have achieved success and in time, I think we can to. If you have any interest in education, I would definitely recommend reading this book. It’s not a boring read and definitely kept my attention. 
PS. I’m currently reading Wild and so far, really like it. I also know that I owe you some posts about our trip. They are coming! 

One thought on “book review // the smartest kids in the world (and how they got that way)”

  1. Good review – just ordered for Margaret, I think she will really enjoy this. I read Wild last summer, great book, makes you want to plan a hiking trip. Thanks!


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