{our wedding} the details

You guys, Pinterest is the worst….when I comes to planning a wedding. So are wedding blogs like this one. Oh my gosh, I became obsessed! This blog was my life and it was really sad. I had to have every “trendy” “Pinterest-worthy” detail and it consumed me. Finally, after having a good “come-to-Jesus” moment with myself, I got a grip and focused on the things that really mattered. I love how the day turned out. The venue, colors, theme all came together just right.

Our guest book from Artifact Uprising was such a hit! Everyone commented on it and we loved reading all the notes the next day. It’s now sitting on our coffee table and it’s a great reminder of our special day.

Our cakes were from The Cake Box in Ridgefield, CT. Seriously, the best cake I’ve ever had. Jordan totally understood our vision. We’re pretty simple people and I didn’t want some big fussy, over the top cake. Our wedding wasn’t incredibly fancy either so I wanted to cake the mirror that theme. It turned out so amazing as well as C’s groom’s cake with the Maryland flag.

We served mini champagne splits in stead of having a traditional champagne toast. It was fun and classic at the same time. I think everyone enjoyed it. We also made our programs for the ceremony into fans because the church wasn’t air-conditioned.


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