in which I act like a model who isn’t incredibly awkward.

Betcha didn’t know I had a modeling career…well a short-lived one at least. Just before I left Dallas, I managed to squeeze in a hour with a college friend, Kayleigh, posing as her muse to help get her photography business up and running. 
Y’all I’m so awkward in front of a camera. It’s hard to believe…I know, but it’s the truth. What you aren’t seeing below are the hundreds of “out takes” where I was making ridiculous faces and inappropriate poses. #awkward
Kayleigh did SUCH a good job with these. She’s a pro with Photoshop and really lets her creativity run wild. She’s been posting them over the course of a month and it’s so exciting when a new picture pops up. 
If you’re in the Dallas area and you’re looking to have headshots, family shots, engagement pictures or any other pictures done, consider contacting Kayleigh


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