whoa three weeks.

 The boxes may be unpacked but the list is still growing. It’s amazing how many things are still outstanding for the wedding with only three weeks to go. 

After what proved to be an “interesting” moving debacle, our stuff finally arrived last Friday and we spent the entire weekend unpacking. It feels good to finally be settled in our new place. We’ve made 16 trips to Bed, Bath & Beyond, 7 to Target and one major trip to Stop&Shop. However, we didn’t get internet/cable until a few days ago which is why you all were sans monday musings this past week. Sooorrryyyyyy. I’ll make it up to you. 
In the meantime, the list of wedding “to-dos” is growing by the hour. Menus, programs, transportation, seating arrangements…insane. 
Today I was able to cross hair & make-up off the list which feels amazing. We’re planning to get menus/programs printed any day now. So…we’re making progress. 
For now, I’m leaving you with a photo montage of what’s been going on around here. Trust me…it’s not that thrilling. 
The movers are FINALLY here…oh and we have a new computer. YES!
our new place! this is mostly put together…

creeping on our venue!


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