{triathlon training} week 7

So, the race is like a week away…about that…

Sunday – 45 min run — After my pep talk from one of the Playtri coaches on Saturday, I was ready to hit the trail and tackle this run. I tried to refocus my energy on my form and breathing versus thinking about how much I hated running. Surprise! It worked. I crushed the run and felt awesome afterwards. In fact, I was surprised when it was over!

Monday – Weights or Swim — Yea….this just didn’t happen. Guilty.

Tuesday – 45 min bike ride immediately followed by a 30 min run — I was NOT feeling this workout but I knew I needed the challenge. Changing events is really confusing for my muscles and I need to practice moving from biking to running. The bike felt great and I really tried to push myself. The first 3 minutes of the run were miserable…everything felt so uncomfortable. I thought for sure there was no way I was going to make it to 30 minutes. But by the 10 minute mark, I was feeling a lot better and pushed it through to the end.

Wednesday – Group Swim — We had an end of year dinner for the youth group leaders so unfortunately I had to miss the swim. I really like the group swims and find them extremely beneficial so I’m bummed I missed this one!

Thursday – Group Track — Track sucks. It just does. 6pm at the SMU track, the sun is just baking me and my feet are on FIRE from the hot track…and I’m running. My least favorite thing…ever. Around and around and around in circles…trying to work on my pacing. But let’s be honest here people, whether we’re supposed to be running a 10k pace, a 5k pace or a 1 mile pace…they are all the same. Complete the workout without walking or dying…whichever comes first. Ugh.

Friday – Off

Saturday – Club (bike/run)


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