I faithfully believe…

…in a higher power.
…in a good and gracious God.
…in prayer.
…in patience and grace.
…that miracles happen.
…that good things come to those who wait.
…that I am a child of God.
…that He loves all of us.
…that we have a purpose.
…that He will give us the strength we never knew we had.
God doesn’t always “work” right when you want him too. Sometimes, we feel tested, betrayed, alone…like God is thinking about everyone else but us.
Back in July, I wrote about a mission trip to Costa Rica. I didn’t know how badly I needed Him and how much I had been searching for Him until our first day out on that work-site.
I also met C in July. Thanks God 🙂
I’ve watched some amazing friends get engaged and married this year. Blessed by God to have found that special person to spend forever with.
Last night, a very dear friend of mine shared with us that God had blessed her and her husband with a baby after 5 years of ever so patiently praying for one. They had all but written off parenthood. And just when they were on the brink of giving up hope and pouring themselves into Youth Ministry sans a kid of their own, God had other plans in mind. Funny how he does that…just when we least expect it. At that moment, as the video ended and her small group of adorable girls ran to her screaming, I felt God. I felt Him in the room with us, smiling because she was faithful and prayerful. I felt happy that I knew God last night. I felt encouraged to trust Him more than ever.
So be open. Pray. Life every day to its fullest. Do not hold back. Reach for the stars. You’ll never know what God has in store for you unless you’re open to everything.

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