monday musings.

1. This super cool app helps you count calories throughout the day. It’s great when I have a “healthy day” but sucks when C drags us to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch football where we promptly learn we’ve consumed outrageous amounts of calories. I don’t log my food on those days. Cheating? I call it “selective eating”. If I don’t record it, it’s sorta like I didn’t eat it…
2. C and I celebrated six months at Neighborhood Services this weekend. So sweet.
3. I’m starting to get self-conscious about how many ‘pins’ I’ve liked/pinned onPinterest. How much is too many? I’m approaching 500 pins…Everything on there is just so awesome.
4. I discovered this weekend that I prefer my coffee black with a dash of sugar. Forget the milk! It dilutes the coffee flavor. I’m thoroughly enjoying my coffee this morning in the event of my recent discovery.
5. I was in Chicago this weekend for basically 24 hours. It was a BLAST and I loved getting to see my friend Mel. Man, I LOVE that city. We lucked out and had awesome weather too, though. I probably would have been miserable if it had been 12 instead of 45.
6. I managed to leave my Nook on the plane this weekend on the way to Chicago. Major bummer. And probably long gone. I also managed to lose a glove and my L pass. I was really just having a hard time holding on to my possessions.

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