left and lost.

I. hate. losing things. I have a pretty good memory of where I put things or when I last saw something. I tend to keep things in the same spot so as not to forget what I did with them. I try to to spread my things out too much when I’m in an unfamiliar territory – hotel, friends house, car etc.


A couple weeks ago, we (oh come on, you know who “we” is…don’t even give me that…yes, ok, Craig and I….) went on a little “staycation” to Fort Worth to eat at Brownstone (Casey Thompson from Top Chef’s restaurant) for Restaurant Week. We spent the night at The Ashton and then visited the Fort Worth Zoo (yes, we braved the zoo in 104 degree temps…) on Sunday.

I have every intention of posting about the trip – pictures, fun events, where we ate…..

But no…instead I’m rambling about the items that didn’t make it back from Fort Worth with me and are now lost in the oblivion that is “lost & found heaven”.

Item #1: Turquoise beaded Stella & Dot Necklace
I thought since this is a nice bold, chunky necklace that the staff at the hotel would find it. I figured I’d call them on Monday and a nice man would answer the phone and our conversation would go like this….
Me: “I believe I left my necklace in room 203 when I stayed there this weekend. Have you retrieved it?”
Nice front desk man: “Of course! We’ve already put it in the mail to you!”
Me: “Fantastic! I’m going to leave you a super review on Yelp!”

Unfortunately, the conversation went nothing like that. Let me just cut to the chase and say that after 3-4 calls/callbacks, the necklace was never found. Honestly, whoever the next guest to stay there was, probably claimed it. Bummer. But she’s gonna look rockin’ in her stolen necklace.

Item #2: Black, strapless GAP dress (that I had literally just purchased hours before the trip….)
Ok, whatever, generic black GAP dress…but let’s talk about how I purchased it at full price! Who purchases stuff from GAP at full price….we all know that everything goes on sale in about a week and they usually sell it for less than $20. But I was pressed…so I “splurged”.

The end result?
Alessandra: -$120
The Ashton Hotel Lost & Found Abyss: +$120

I absolutely can’t stand losing stuff.


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