the little things.

“it’s the little things in life…” yea, you’ve heard it before. It’s cliche. Cutesy. Sentimental. People use it all the time to point out how often we miss the smallest things in our lives.

A thank you card or sweet note. (Thanks, Becca and Brian).

A kind compliment in passing.

A comforting hand on the small of your back.

An encouraging smile.

An extra squeeze as you release from a hug.

A helping hand.

A sweet touch.

A calming cup of warm espresso.

A hot ray of sunshine on a lazy Sunday morning.

A kiss on the forehead. 

A fresh vase of flowers.

A call from home.

Yesterday, when my mom called for her regular update, she asked about the usual – work, friends, weekend, plans etc. She pushed more than usual. She was hunting for details, the little things. My mom is a great listener and I often forget to take the time to share the small notes from my day with her. I know that since she is far away, she feels more connected when I can share silly, sweet moments with her. I filled her in on time spent with friends over the weekend. I told her about the little, but oh-so-noticeable, gestures made by the new guy (wink*wink). But I kept a few for myself…a girl has to have a little mystery.

Enjoy little things in life now because you will realize that they are big things down the road.

Get some sticky notes. Keep a journal. Blog about them. Tape them to your bathroom mirror. Take a picture. Capture the little things so that you can always remember what makes life so special.


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