100 Great Things About America

In light of the recent holiday, I found this article to be fitting. CNN Money came up with the list, many of which I can say I fully agree with and some that seem totally random. Click here to view the full article and list.

Here are a few of my favorites:

8. Steve Jobs
The brain behind the iPhone, iPad, and iEverything finally managed to get the Beatles onto iTunes. What can’t this guy do?

16.  Duct tape
Everyone’s first fix-it choice. Just ask MacGyver. Or MacGruber.
(Especially the neon and tie dye colors!)

19. Carlos Santana
If you didn’t already have “Oye Como Va” in your head, you will now.
– I’m not entirely sure how this one fits in, but the song is now stuck in my head.

26. Ben & Jerry’s
The only thing better than its AmeriCone Dream is the “flavor graveyard” on its website.
– Back home in CT we had a Ben & Jerry’s store and all my friends worked there so I always got free Oatmeal Cookie Chuck. Man, I miss it.

32. Poland Spring
Better than Perrier.
– Why don’t they sell this in Texas?

49. James Taylor
Even if you’re not crazy about his voice, a great American songwriter.
– I used to babysit for his kids when he would play at Tanglewood back in Lenox, MA.

59. Clif Bars
The iconic energy bar. Yes, it’s come to this

69. Michelle Obama
A formidable presence who’s brought her own form of glam to the White House.
– Need I say more?

82. Blogging
We’re all writers now. Uh-oh …
– Ironic…

93. Vineyard Vines, Ralph Lauren, J.McLaughlin
Preppy clothing brands outfitting Nantucket-goers and wannabes year-round. –

96. Girl Scout Cookies
Creating Thin Mint addicts across the nation.


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