Repack, Refurnish, Rearrange, Relocate

Repack, Refurnish, Rearrange, Relocate – Lately, those are the only words in my vocabulary. Yet again (as I’ve previously alluded to) I am moving. I have moved…wait let’s count it…eleven times in the past five years. That’s not even counting the moving that my family did back home (we’ve moved three times since I left for college…). Whether it was into or out of a dorm or sorority house, moving abroad to Copenhagen or moving to a new apartment, my living situation has constantly been in transition. Most of the time, I BARELY unpack before I’m uprooting again and moving to a new place. 
After graduation, we moved into a townhouse in Uptown where we planned on staying for at least two years but our plans quickly went south when our rent spiked and we could no longer afford our place. 
So yet again, this weekend, I am moving. Ugh. Sigh….. 
This is one of those times when I wish I was Harry Potter….or Ginny….or Hermione….even Luna, just so long as I could wave my wand and have everything moved and organized in my new location. That or I wish this would happen…. 
 ….yea I wish that I could just pick up my ‘house’ and move it. Alas, this is NOT the case (I grudgingly admit that I do not, in fact, have magical powers. Blimey).
I am forced to resort to the old fashioned way – pack up my life into plastic bins and cardboard boxes, strategically maneuver it all into my car (that is now teeny tiny) and unload it at the new location. 
Great, I can handle it. A little manual labor never hurt anyone. 
Oh my, I almost forgot to mention…..
….it’s supposed to be 102 degrees this weekend. Nah, that’s COLD for a Dallas summer. 
Don’t all go feeling that badly for me just yet. I have hired a mover to move my bed, dresser etc and pick up a couch from my friends house. I have also recruited several handsome, muscular young men to slave away in the heat lifting all my heavy stuff. I’ve offered them a homemade baked good of their choice in return. I have also commandeered a truck for the weekend. Thanks Stew, you’re a doll.
I. can. do. this. 
Moving has it’s advantages though. It’s a great way to get rid of stuff you don’t need, clean out junk drawers, throw away old school papers….YES! I had been hoarding finance and accounting notes since sophomore year! Go ahead, say it….NERD!

My new living situation is a huge change for me. I’ll be living alone in a one bedroom place. All 560 sq. ft. to myself. Teeny tiny. Just like my car…..are you sensing a theme in my life?

Downsizing – you guessed it.

I’m downsizing my budget too and all these recent changes are contributing to that. Stay tuned for my new budget rules in a later post. For now, you can admire my new floorplan…..again, all 560 sq. ft of it (sans microwave…weird).

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