Like what you hear?

Steve Moakler, one of my favorite artists and a good friend of Ben Rector’s (who we already know and love!) is trying to put out a new album. Since he’s an independent artist, he’s using this cool thing called KICKSTARTER to get funding in exchange for some pretty sweet deals for the fans like backstage passes, thank you phone calls from Steve himself, private concerts, even your name on the CD jacket as supporter! Take a listen to his music and if you’re impressed, consider funding his new album for as little as $10! I did it and I can’t wait to hear his new stuff when it comes out…fingers crossed, in September! Way to go Steve!

About the Project

Hey Everybody,
Welcome to the KickStarter page for my next record! What a cool opportunity this is for independent artists to team up with their supporters and make projects happen. This is a really empowering idea and I think we’re gonna have a lot of fun with it.

Over the last two years, your excitement around my music has made it possible for me to transition fully into making a living writing and performing music.

NOW the time has come to time to make another record. Here’s where we’re at: I have enough funding for half of the record, but I don’t have enough to finish it. I’m an independent artist, which means I don’t have a record label or any financial infrastructure behind me funding my career.

I do have you though, and that’s a lot.

KickStarter has paved a way for us to raise support through what we’re calling parachute packages. It’s not a donation; it’s a partnership- a give and take. We have put together unique packages that are only available for this limited time in exchange for your support. Everybody will walk away with something. We need YOUR help in order make this record happen.

We only have 30 days to meet our goal of $15,000 so PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!!!  NONE of the funding goes through unless ALL of the funding goes through.


Why are you asking for $15,000?
We’re trying to make a record that can sonically compete with the standard of music you would hear on the radio or on television. It’s kind of expensive. It would be common for a record label to spend $150,000 – $300,000 on a record of that caliber. Our budget of $30,000 is plenty to do the job well, but any extra funding will only improve the quality of the record and our ability to reach people with it. Between the studio time, producer fees, payment for the musicians, mixing, mastering, design, packaging, it adds up really quickly. It takes a lot of manpower to get one of these things off the ground!

Why ask fans to pay for it?
Aside from the fact that I don’t have enough to pay for it myself (ha!) I think this a really cool opportunity to get people involved. I like the idea of aiming to do something tangible that I could not possibly do without your help.  It is a unique and empowering time for artists and fans to connect and make things happen. It’s very humbling in the best of ways.

When will the record come out?
Lord willing, we will release the record in early September. The record will come out as soon as it’s finished. I promise we won’t make you wait a day longer than necessary. Immediately following the album’s release will be a national tour. Can’t wait to give you all high fives and hugs when this record is finished!!!


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