mother’s day.

Mom at 26

Dear Mom,
How can I put into words how much I love you?
I was cleaning out my room yesterday and getting things organized to move when I found the birthday card you sent me this year. Just seeing your naturally loopy writing on the inside brought tears to my eyes. 
You are such an amazing, strong, beautiful woman and “when I grow up”, I can only hope to be half the woman you are. Being so far away all these years has made me really appreciate you and I so wish that I could have spend this day celebrating you!!
Through highs and lows, you’ve been that rock in my life that boosted be up when I was low and pulled me off the ledge when I was so high I might just start to fly. You’ve kept me grounded but also pushed me beyond my boundaries.
This day is about you, Mom! Thank you for drying my tears after graduation, thanks for telling me your mac and cheese recipe to win the hearts of all my guy friends….
….thank you for you advice on how to paint a chair…
…and whether or not to get a puppy….
….thanks for forcing me to learn to paint my own nails….
…and for pretending you couldn’t hear me sneaking out in the middle of the night to see my boyfriend….
…thanks for telling me No when all I wanted to hear was Yes… and for always being just a phone call away….
…but most of all – Thanks for just being the best mom a girl could have. I wouldn’t trade you for the world!! I love you Mom!!

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