Words To Live By

There are millions billions of cheesy, inspirational quotes out there to “brighten your day”. They come in your Hallmark cards, charity brochures and probably even cereal boxes (the fact that Cheerios will lower your cholesterol is inspiring right?). While comforting a friend today, I threw one out of my own…

(You’re laughing…ha, I knew it. Should have kept it to myself….well for those of you who can get over my very own cheesiness, keep on reading for something slightly deeper.)

Why as people, and more specifically girls, is it so hard for us to just let go? Someone complements our hair and we automatically say how gross it looks “but thanks!” (I’m a culprit of this!) How come we can’t just be in the moment whether it’s going for a run, reading a book, laying in the grass (or in Dallas, the pool) without constantly making judgements and worrying about how we look…

….what’s on our grocery list…
                    …..what project we have due the next week…

                                       ….what we’re gonna wear to Gorgeous Gretchen’s party next week….

when the last time that cute boy called…..and what did we talk about….did we sound dumb?

oh man, should I stop, do you need more fuel?

This could go on for awhile…..

     How much time do you have? All day? Ok….

No, no, I’ll spare you.

Wednesday I ran on the Katy Trail which should probably be more appropriately termed “The Runway for this seasons cutest workout outfits”. Heaven forbid I should run the Katy Trail in plain old Sofee shorts and an old t-shirt.

But see, it’s not just about how we look or how long our to-do list is – it’s also about relationships. Us girls are ALWAYS in control of our emotions and the people around us – and sometimes even THEIR emotions. (At this point, they should should probably stop calling us girls and just call us….

              …..well in Twilight, Jasper has the power to control emotions and so…ok wait, stop – tangent sorry.)

But the point is, why do we always feel like we have to have control? Why can’t we just LET GO AND LET LOVE! We’re so quick to push people off for their compliments (the hair example), their encouragement, their helpfullness….because then, well of course, we’d have to repay them….and we just don’t want that burden of having to OWE someone else something….Quelle horreur!!

Do you get it yet?

Can you try this with me?

Can we all try to let go of our reservations and guardedness (is that a word?) and let people show us love? Or better yet, let them actually love us?

I’m talking about using those three-little-words….

….yes in a sentence, in a sentence that someone else uses to describe his/her feelings about us. Pretty radical stuff here, I know. But give it a try!

Tell someone you care about that you (uhem *cough* ugh something must be caught in my throat *cough*) love them!

You don’t have to use a megaphone, I’ll admit that might be a bit excessvie…unless of course it’s all part of your engagement proposal plan….which in that case would make the megaphone totally practical and possibly even romantic….I mean, if you’re into megaphones and all that….

…but really you don’t even have to use your voice….

My most favorite band, Needtobreathe, wrote this song that pretty much sums this all up. This song, Something Beautiful, is about letting something awesome just consume you – let go and let love.

Here’s another one for you – an oldie but a goodie….
The Goo Goo Dolls – Let Love In


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