Busy Little Bee

Back in December I know this post outlining events that were coming up and things I wanted to do. I thought it might be good to revisit this list and see what I have accomplished and what events I need to add to the list….

Books I want(ed) to read: (instead I’ve been reading Businessweek and finance books…)
  • Shantaram – started it!
  • The Devil In the White City
  • Water for Elephants (before the movie comes out!) – read it, can’t wait for the movie staring my FAVORITE, Reese Witherspoon
  • The Help – bought it, didn’t read it, then gave it to Becca (must purchase the digital copy for my Nook)

Movies I want(ed) to see:
  • Love and Other Drugs (Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway) – saw it, loved it
  • How Do You Know (Reese Witherspoon and Owen Wilson) – saw it just to see Reese…it was ok
  • No Strings Attached (Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman) – hilarious and a totally  new perspective
  • The Tourist (Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie) – haven’t seen it yet (heard it got bad reviews?!)
Places I want(ed) to go: 
  • Kansas City with Whitney to see her home – not yet
  • Stephen’s cabin in Oregon – nope
  • Chicago to see my family – negative
  • Minneapolis to visit Mary – hopefully in August!
Events coming up: (as you can see, the list has doubled…)
  • Jan – Freshman girls small group starts – this is going SO well! I really love the girls.
  • Feb – my 23rd birthday – BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!
  • March – Mary is hopefully coming to Dallas to visit! – ok this didn’t happen, but she might come in October!
  • April 22 – Home for Easter, can’t wait to see my family
  • May 19-23 – Sanibel Island, FL with Whitney, Kristin and Marmie for a girls weekend
  • June 25th – Helenita’s Wedding in Houston
  • June APRIL 30th! – 1 year anniversary of working at Tolleson 
  • June 29- my sister turns 21! (Lord, help us all) – I have no idea what to get her?!
  • July 2 – Becca is getting married!
  • July 9 – Marmie’s Bachelorette Party! 
  • July 16-23 – Costa Rica Mission Trip with HPUMC and some of my girls
  • Aug 6 – Marmie’s Wedding in Dallas
  • August – Visit Margaux in Nantucket where she’s doing her internship and see Mary in Minneapolis
  • Sept 10 – Hanna’s Bachelorette
  • Sept 16-18 – Austin City Limits (I wish they would release the Line-Up!)
  • October – Hanna is getting married! 

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