Are your ears bored?

I rarely listen to the radio since I typically just play music from my iPod in the car. However, lately I’ve been pretty bored with what’s on my iPod and what’s on the radio. After listening to the Mumford & Sons album on repeat for about a month now, I think I’m ready for something new (or for them to come out with another album). Luckily, my friends are great music connoisseurs and are always suggesting new bands to listen to. Pandora stations are also a great way to learn about new bands/musicians (but I’ve even been getting bored of that!) Below are a few favorites from the latest suggestions that I’ve received. Don’t worry friends, you’ll get credit where credit’s due. Also, if you’re looking for a great site to look up/listen to specific songs/albums try Grooveshark. It’s FREE and totally awesome.

Start Beginning – Nizlopi
This suggestion comes from Stew Fuller who’s always jamming out to something great. While sadly this band is no longer together, they’ve left behind a few great albums that really hit the spot. Great music for chilling out or playing in the background at the office (since I’m rarely on a beach somewhere “chilling out).

I Got – Young the Giant
This suggestion comes from Mitch Brown and it is not his first. He’s been known to make awesome mix CDs with all kinds of great “discoveries” on them. This band it relatively new (1 year old) and has some great upbeat stuff to get you through the “4pms on friday”.

January Wedding – The Avett Brothers
Big thanks to Crooked Tree Coffee House and all the amazing music they play. This song quickly became one of my favorites from The Avett Brothers. Most of you (um yea I’m talking to my 7 readers) have probably heard of them but I just particularly like this song. And who’s better to blend harmonies to perfectly then two brothers (Scott and Seth Avett).

Let me know what you think and as always, send over any and all music suggestions!


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