Spring has sprung in Dallas!

Pictures from Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark from when my mom came to visit!

While Dallas has been experiencing temps in the high 70s for a few weeks now, today officially marks the first day of spring! We’ve now survived the cold, dark, dreary winter (read: mild, slightly snowy and sunny in the case of Dallas) and the warmer temperatures are moving in. My roommate bought me beautiful daffodils for my birthday that have been blooming in our kitchen for weeks. A few weeks ago, I planted a few pots of fresh herbs that are beginning to sprout and give off their wonderful herby scents. Keelie bought a gorgeous orange geranium from the farmer’s market and now our front porch looks so fresh! This is the first time I’ve spent a full cycle of seasons in Dallas and it’s been really beautiful to see the transformation. Each day, as I drive to work, I take note of the progress of all the blooming trees with their sweet white blossoms. Lucky for me, I just took a photography class yesterday and I’m feeling more inspired than ever to get outside and capture this season. For now, the pictures below will have to do…

Found on Pinterest and cutestfood.com
Favorite perfume

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