Confessions of an [Online] Shopaholic

That’s right everyone, it’s finally time to admit it – I’m an [Online] Shopaholic.

I think this mainly stems from the fact that I didn’t have a car for 4 years of college so I was forced to do all my shopping online, except when I was lucky enough to tag along with friends on a NorthPark trip. Also, I’m always looking for a good deal and I’m notorious for “shopping” around online before I actually buy something. The funny thing is, I rarely buy clothes online. In fact, the only place I really buy clothes online from is JCrew Sale because the sale is always so good online (and way too picked over in the stores). I mostly buy shoes, wallets, bags (gah, Kate Spade sale is AMAZING!), books and gadgets (read – cables, headphones, ect). It is so easy to just like a few buttons and know that you’ll be getting something in the mail in a few short days (sadly, sometimes weeks). I’m pretty impatient though, so it is odd that I enjoy online shopping so much because once I usually decide that I want to buy something, I want it right away.

My most recent online purchases have been the following:

  • A Barnes & Noble Nook – Purchased from the B&N eBay store because I could get a refurbished one for $40 less and free shipping! 
    • Then of course, I purchased some eBooks/NOOKbooks
  • New Apple headphones – Purchases from eBay (and they came from China) but they were only $7 instead of $30 and free shipping! 
  • – Order customized granola with all kinds of yummy ingredients and have it shipped right to your door. 
  • Black Travelpro carry-on suitcase (TSA absolutely WON’T let me carry-on my current “carry-on” bag) – Purchased from Amazon (mainly because I knew the exact bag I wanted, after lots of online research and Amazon had the cheapest price)
  • Black winter coat for work – Purchases from Banana Republic online because they were having a great online sale and free shipping! 
  •  Does music on iTunes count as online shopping? New Amos Lee album just came out!
  • Created and ordered a Photo Calendar for my mom from iPhoto for her birthday

Wow – that’s a long list and that’s only in the past 2 weeks! Not to mention, I’m always scouring the latest sales on Rue La La and Gilt Groupe. Oh the temptations I’ve resisted…

In my mind, I’m just a really good bargain shopper who gets most of her deals online. But, I am beginning to worry about my credit card information getting all over the internet. I think I need to be a little more careful with all these purchases.


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