New Year Inspiration

Our CEO here at Tolleson Wealth Management sent out this email this morning. After reading it a few times, I realized that these 10 distinctions should be the way we live our lives. Take a moment to read them over and then post them by your desk. Make an effort this year to be a winner and not a whiner.

10.      Winners take responsibility. Whiners play the victim.
9.        Winners can have what they want. Whiners want what they can’t have.
8.        Winners find a way. Whiners find an excuse.
7.        Winners brighten a room by entering. Whiners brighten a room by leaving.
6.        Winners listen twice as much as they talk. Whiners talk twice as much as they listen.
5.        Winners enjoy life’s journeys. Whiners put their joy in destinations.
4.        Winners build friendships. Whiners destroy friendships.
3.        Winners think big. Whiners think small.
2.        Winners are focus-minded. Whiners are scatterbrained.
1.        Winners create positive meanings. Whiners create negative meanings.

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