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Shopping for ‘office appropriate’ (read stuffy, manly, wrinkly) attire on a budget can be especially challenging when the clothes you prefer are way out of your budget. Yes, I could just go to Express (gross!) and get a black suit, some work pants and a few button downs and be set. However, the material is cheap, the fit is generic, and the clothes will only last me one season. Take it a step up to Banana Republic, JCrew (my personal favorite) or Ann Taylor – these suites/work clothes will last a little longer and come in a wider variety of fits and styles. Pieces are easy to mix and match and there are choice for non-iron tops (a MUST!). And then there is the ultimate status symbol – The Theory Suit. My mom and I joked after I landed my first ‘big girl job’ that “someday, when I saved up enough of my paychecks, I could indulge in my first Theory suit and it would be something I would pass down to my children someday…” Naturally, I want that day to come sooner, rather than later – so I scour  Nordstrom Rack, Saks Off 5th, and Neimans Last Call, hoping to find a bargain.
My mom was in town this weekend and we made our ritual visit to the NorthPark Mall. While perusing the racks in Nordstrom, I stumbled upon the most perfect Theory blazer and pencil skirt….that was of course way out of my budget at $550 for the jacket and skirt. Somedayyyyy….
Theory – ‘Kiersten K – Strategy’ Jacket and Skirt
BUT! This is not where the story ends. We headed over to the sale racks at Neiman Marcus and I proceeded to try on a few Theory dresses…just for fun. My mom and I found this great shift dress on sale for $177 from $295 with an extra 30% off. Even with all those discounts, the dress just wasn’t an investment I could make. However, (and this is the perk to shopping with your sweet, sweet mother) my mom decided that it was a worthwhile purchase that I just couldn’t live without in my work wardrobe. So TaDa —
Ohhhh sweet Theory heaven…
Have I now officially reached this new status symbol? Does it only apply when I officially own my first Theory suit? Who knows…but I am going to feel pretty dang special the first day I wear this slice of heaven to work.

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