Surplus of jobs + lacking a talented workforce = high unemployment (duh?)

Since work has been so slow these past few months, I’ve had lots of time to pour over the Wall Street Journal and I’ve stumbled upon some interesting articles. We all know that the state of the economy is rough and unemployment is at a striking 9.6%!!! INSANE! However, there is a SURPLUS of jobs. That’s right, I said it – there are MORE jobs in the economy than are being filled. “Well that’s stupid”, you’re thinking. Why won’t all these unemployed people go out and get one of these available jobs? This WSJ article would argue it’s because they are not skilled enough to meet the requirements or don’t possess the right attributes. So now you’re thinking, that’s ridiculous because the United States has one of the most educated populations! And yet this NYT article states just the opposite! America – get it together!!! The WSJ article says that if all the vacant jobs were filled we would be at 6% unemployment! That is a HUGE difference and 6% unemployment is considered great!

My point is that we need to invest in education so that we can supply our workforce with skilled people. The 6-year-old I babysit for could be an administrative assistant and yet we can’t find people between the ages of 20-50 to fill those positions. Seems like a very strange predicament to me…


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