Bookshelf Bliss

Along the lines of bedroom decorating comes the daunting task of finding an adorable bookshelf to house my growing collection of hardcovers and paperbacks. While I love the newest electronic gadgets as much as the next person, I am resisting the urge to get myself a Nook (Kindle, eReader…ect). I just can’t give up my wonderful, worn in, bent pages and all…paperbacks. I love having shelves of books on display around my room/house. I like looking back at all the books I’ve already read and then I have to shelf dedicated to the books I still have to read. I guess it has to do with a sense of accomplishment. That being said, I’ve had a very hard time finding the proper bookshelf to house my treasures! In the end I settled for a white Ikea BILLY bookcase for $35 with the intention of “sprucing” it up with fabric or paper or knickknacks. Shout out to Kelly for sending me this awesome website with a whole page of adorable bookcases – all the inspiration I could ever need! So here’s to hoping I can liven up my bookcase and of course, post a pic!

 Someday I will have a huge library with a floor to ceiling bookshelves and a ladder that slides along the walls.


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